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In-Person Player Registration
$5k in Chips. Player must be “out”. Inform Dealer. Until 1st break…
Last Man Standing 50/50
Orange wrist bands. Last player with band still in wins. Until 1st…
Fifty Fifty Drawing
50/50 Ticket. Sold until drawing.
Chip Up
$20k in Chips. Inform Dealer. Special Raffle Tix: $60-1ea./$100-2ea. Only at 2nd…
Prize Raffle Tickets
“Arm Length” of tickets. Prizes are gift cards. ‘Til 1st break end.
Chip Raffle Tickets
Prize is $100k in Chips at 2nd Break. Sold until drawing.
2024 Collector's Coin
Player receives $1500 in extra chips at start of every BTC Tournament.
Flat Donation
Generic Donation, used for Last Seat Auction. Increase the quantity to reach…
Ace of Spades Metal Bottle Opener
Unleash the magic of your gatherings with the Ace of Spades Metal…