Our Mission

Mission Statement

To provide opportunities, financial assistance, and encouragement to individuals and 501c3 charities throughout Central Florida.

Our Story

A Rotarian for 20 years, Tony Boni has been actively involved in his community and has long supported charitable organizations and endeavors. Tony has spent years hosting and organizing poker tournaments to help local charities raise funds, as well as award scholarships to aspiring students in the community.
Tony views poker and his hosted tournaments as a great way to bring people together for a fun night filled with networking and laughs, all with the aim of raising money for those in need.
Be The Change Today was born out of the desire to continue the support Tony has awarded local charities, as well as further develop the reach of the support provided. The Foundation will work with organizations in the community to create and host poker tournaments that will benefit different charities, with the goal of assisting in realizing the organization’s charitable objectives.